A person could go to the estimated destination safely when they travel through the right and secured path. Similarly in the personal life also a person could be happy and safe when they are leading their life without doing any illegal works. As most of the countries in the world are presiding by the government administration, it is essential to follow the rules stated legally by the authorized persons. The legal rules proclaim by the skilled administrative officials will be right and beneficial for the people living in the country. Hence it is essential to follow the rules properly and also significant to verify while doing any work whether it is legally right or not. Thus the people who are living in a government administrated state could be happy without any problems when they survive their life in a path of legally right.

During the past era, people used to state that a person must be penalized by a suitable punishment in the name of karma if they do anything wrong or unkind. In the current decade also the person has to get punished for their mistake according to the level of the lawbreaking they have done.

But there is no essential to request karma to punish the bad people. Because while doing crime and illegal works, the responsible people will take care of the duty of punishing them. Thus if a person does any work illegally then they have to face the consequences legally. Thus to be a good person in society and to be comfortable without the trouble of any legal problems, it is essential to be a perfect citizen lawfully.

The higher officials and administrative people had specified the rules and regulations as it is the best system to live a safe life. While checking the rules, there will be a statement that everyone should wear a helmet while traveling in a two wheeler. It is not sure that everyone riding on the road is a good driver and no aspects will be made a sudden accident in a person’s lifetime. Thus to save the life during a sudden unexpected accident time, the person should wear a helmet. Similarly, in every rule and law, there will be a specific reason which will be safe and beneficial for the people. A person could not spend time to know about the entire beneficial facts hidden in every rule. But the person could be happy, comfortable, and safe if they followed the rules properly and do every works right to law by avoiding illegal works.

By Camille