Kids have the power of attracting everyone with their cuteness and naughtiness. While being an infant, kids seem to be lovely and pretty. But while growing stage the loveliness of the kids may change due to the circumstance and wrong guidance. Hence to make a child a good person with brilliant skills, the parents have to take care of them well until a specific stage of their life. The budding kids are not only important for their family, but they are also important for society. Because the future growth of the country depends on the talents of the present kids.

The children’s character and behavior depend on the experience they gained as a feed from their parents and teachers.  Hence to enhance the intellectual skills of the child and to frame them as a person of good character, the parents have to guide them in a resourceful manner. Not only in education and behavior, but parents also have to care for their health too. The inattentiveness of the parents about their children’s activities and health will make a chance to for any health issues or the bad behaviors of the children.

The plant will be grown with strong root and give more benefits when it was nurtured properly and gain sufficient care to grow well. Similarly, a child also achieves more and be healthy when the child gets the proper guidance and care from their parents. Providing food and money at the required time is not only the parenting quality, there are more responsibilities are included in childcare duties.

Bad parenting will become a major reason for the establishment of criminals who are involving in unlawful activities. Hence the carelessness of the parents due to the busy working lifestyle may damage the life of their children. If the parents care more for their children in every significant stage of their life, then the children will feel secured and share everything with their parents. Hence the secure feel and the support of the parents will enhance their skills and health. If the children didn’t get the desired security and support at the time they require, then they will felt hurt more and suffer from any mental health issues. Thus as a good parent, it is essential to provide the care and support for the child in addition to the desired properties at the time they need. Hence to make the child an achiever and a happy person, it is essential to do parenting well.

By Camille