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Divorce lawyers are the right professionals to call when dealing with a divorce process. But, take this seriously. If you are a spouse who plans to file for divorce, you may consult with a skilled divorce lawyer. Click here to engage a divorce lawyer in Singapore.

The divorce process is complex if you don’t know where to start. To begin with, you need to educate yourself about what happens during the process of divorce. A divorce lawyer is a well-trained and professional attorney that will explain everything about the grounds of divorce.

Explaining the grounds of knowledge

A divorce lawyer will not only help you to stand in the court proceedings but can help you during the settlement without being raised into court trials. Also, a divorce lawyer would not suggest a divorce after hearing you out. It could be that the lawyer tries to save the marriage’s life. However, if the lawyer hears that one of your experiences is a subject for the grounds of divorce, a divorce is recommended.

There are different grounds for divorce, the Plaintiff should prove suffering from one or two of those. Grounds for divorce may be involved:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Separation
  • Desertion

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Unreasonable behavior

Here are the actions unreasonable to you:

  • Drug addiction
  • Violence
  • Refusal to socialize
  • Constant late nights
  • Deprivation of sex
  • Working too much
  • Compulsive gambling habits

For an uncontested divorce, unreasonable behavior is an easy fact to use. Defendant doesn’t have to admit to the behavior. Plaintiff can provide proof of evidence that shows the truth. Unreasonable behavior may not be the worse grounds for divorce, but a spouse will have a head-aching and emotionally abused when experiencing such.


In terms of separation, there are two kinds of situations:

  • Separation for 3 years (live apart). Plaintiff has to prove that they lived separately for years with Defendant. Plaintiff should provide evidence of living separately, sometimes a deed of separation is shown. The defendant must agree to the divorce. When both parties get back together briefly during the time of living apart, it is still considered separated as long as the period of reconciliation doesn’t exceed 6 months. The days of being together will not count towards the duration of the separation requirement.
  • Separation for 4 years (live apart). In this case, the consent of Defendant is not required before Plaintiff can file for a divorce.

All these are explained by your divorce lawyer.

By Camille