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Sweeping landscapes, sprawling cityscapes, and dazzling seascapes, the beautiful view that a person can enjoy from the top of a roof are indeed humbling and mesmerizing at that very time. There is nothing that gives as beautiful a feeling of being on the world’s top and reaping in all that mind-blowing view from a camera at

What to look for while you are taking rooftop pictures?     

  • A good location

Not all locations are picture-perfect; a perfectly good location brings about a big impact on the portraits or pictures of a couple. Nevertheless, it will not fulfill all the jobs. The photographer is also required to put on his level best to create a scene worth it. The ability of the couple to relax, laugh and have fun also tends to impact the final result.

  • Adjacent and panorama buildings

Great rooftops are considered to be the one that is surrounded by beautiful-looking buildings which are known to create a beautiful sensation of the overall depth of the environment. They are recommended to not be more than a distance of 3 streets away. Possessing an open and clear view of an elegant landscape in distance tends to dive a wonderful result. It is basically what a person can experience while sitting on the top of any mountain or a hill.

  • Hair and clothes

Something that is known to work perfectly well when it comes to photography is the memorable contrast between a dynamic moving body and a static architecture. This implies a beautiful and elegant dress that can take loose hair and all the wind. Such a place indeed would be subject to wind, why not take the benefit of the same while getting your photo sessions done?

  • Beautiful aesthetic aspect

What a couple wishes for are a minimalist and simple form of architecture, he would wish to avoid anything that might attract their attention; either it is tags, signs, texts, or powerful visual identities. They would also try to avoid any unhealthy or dirty environment.

  • Sun

The position of the sun is undoubtedly known to impact the overall outcome. Certain locations might enjoy the light from sunrise and sunset while others might be in the shady light of several buildings at a particular part of a day. Choosing the perfect time carefully is a secret for a perfect portrait.


Rooftop photography at is an easy alternative solution to perfect pictures while you are surrounded by modern or historic buildings. Couples might also decide on a particular place known to host many weddings. We hope this article would help couples with their next photography session, choose the perfect location today!

By Camille